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Key words: Shoe milk, mildew proof detergent, mirror reducing agent and mildew proofing agent


Innovative development quality first



  • International concept, master design

    Has been concerned about the trend of international chemical technology, and domestic market demand, the completion of many large projects success stories, accumulated a wealth of innovative ideas and practical experience in marketing

  • Win the prize, the strength

    After several years of development, tired of the chemical industry awards, is absolutely your confidence in the packaging; has a time class automated production equipment and testing equipment, hardware equipment in the industry-leading level

  • Experienced design team

    Stable team is even recognized in the industry advantages, long-term cooperation and low turnover of talent, is the team can establish a sound management system; long-term tacit cooperation, is high-quality service and creative guarantee

  • Integration of planning, design, production and monitoring

    Lian Yao chemical business planning, investment analysis, preliminary chemical planning and design, mass production, quality monitoring integration of the enterprise; let you absolutely no worries



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Dongguan Lian Yao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Our company is an international company, founded in 2004, headquartered in Guangdong city of Dongguan province in 2015, registered in Hongkong Hongkong lianyao Chemical Co. Ltd., and in Vietnam, Kampuchea, Guangzhou, Foshan, Wenzhou, Chinese Chengdu branches, with reserve inventory, can quickly timely delivery. Over the years, with reasonable prices, excellent quality, advanced concept and first-class service, the industry won unanimous praise. Company main products are: all kinds of high light colored shoes shoes milk / milk, mold cleaning agent, reducing agent, surface treatment agent, anti mildew agent, with the bottom side of the oil skin, defrosting agent, wax agent, explosion-proof agent, anti loose type agent, brightening agent, waterproof antifouling / feel agent, color repair agent and various wheels, wax etc.......

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