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Guidelines for cosmetic care of leather products
From: Dongguan Lian Yao Chemical Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-06-02

Guidelines for cosmetic care of leather products

Leather products beauty care, due to the use of different requirements, different uses of leather products, its operation process is slightly different.
1, car cushions, sofas and other leather furniture products beauty care:
Leather furniture products beauty care, first of all, the contaminated leather products surface clean treatment, and then antibacterial, mildew treatment. The leather is dried, different status of leather surface, such as wear, scratches, cracks, scratches, rupture repair treatment. The surface condition of leather products tend to be the same basic restoration, in order to improve the adhesion strength of modified materials and beauty leather board, with strong adhesive leather processing, materials and suitable for coloring coloring and coating, then the coloring coating solid color processing. In order to improve the anti wet wipe not hate, ensure coloring coating has high strength antiwear ability clean, solid color before the closure, to wear colored coating for processing, and finally to deal with the whole leather products processing and feel two times more care, to make it shiny and soft, comfortable hand feeling more plump, while improving skin in the anti pollution ability. Of course, according to different materials, leather, furniture products of different conditions, the operation process can be adjusted.
The top decorations, side decorations and foot pads of high speed cars such as Benz and BMW are made of wool or wool blended material. Such interiors, due to the usual touch, smoke, wind, the surface of the old yellow, especially by food, beverages and other pollution, interior surface stains mottled, and clean, gorgeous high quality car is very uncoordinated. In this regard, some people use a strong alkaline detergent, and some people use solvents containing detergents. Although these detergents are strong decontamination, but the wool fiber is not alkali resistant, sealed car should not use solvent based cleaning agent, often to clean the car left too much regret. Italy IEXI has developed a variety of water-based foam efficient fabric cleaning agent, not only decontamination effect is good, and the interior surface clean, natural, leaving no traces, and no more toxic odor.
2, leather bags, leather goods beauty, grooming:
Leather goods, leather goods, leather goods and other leather goods in furniture products are exquisite materials and exquisite workmanship. They are the top grade in furniture products. This kind of leather products beauty and decoration, because most of its material and leather sofa the same, the use of similar conditions, so this kind of leather can refer to leather sofa beauty care process. However, because the leather, luggage leather edge color, luster and smoothness of the clean beauty modification effect has played a role, so this kind of leather leather edge to use the oil skin side of beauty.
Leather oil is a synthetic emulsion of natural oils and synthetic waxes. Strong adhesive force, good covering power, good abrasion resistance, and can be added with pigment or dye to obtain transparent or translucent film of various colors. According to the brightness requirement, the brightness of the coating can also be adjusted.
3 、 cosmetic modification and maintenance of leather shoes:
Compared with other leather products, the beauty, grooming and maintenance of leather shoes have many unique features. The wearing condition of leather shoes is abominable. Hot summer, cold winter, rain erosion, sludge soaking, sweat erosion, hard object impact, and even so, it still has to bend bending deflection of tens of thousands of times every day. The changeful wear conditions make the shoes aging, wear show is very rare in all sorts of strange things, in other leather uppers on dirt, scratch coating cracking, peeling, dull luster, color fade, wear heels, soles cracking and so on, too numerous to mention.
In leather shoes wear, consumption level differs greatly. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, the selection and processing methods of leather shoes are various. Leather shoes beauty care, in order to restore the old style of various grades of leather shoes, leather shoes not only there is need for special chemical materials, and according to the different situation of different kinds of leather shoes of choice, modification process and operation method of different.
Leather shoes are the ideal place for all kinds of fungi and microbes to breed. The environment and the human body secretions dirty wet intertwined, the decomposition of various microbes, so shoes constitute both dark and damp, narrow space and has the special smell, the mold, a large number of microbes breeding to create an ideal place and very favorable conditions. How to carry on the thorough sterilization and the disinfection treatment to the leather shoes through the leather shoes cosmetology maintenance, should be an important topic which the leather shoes cosmetology practitioner pays attention.
Leather shoes after wearing for a period of time, not only will there be cosmetic defects, but also some physical damage.
The physical property of the leather shoes is damaged, and the necessary restoration should be made before its cosmetic maintenance. For example, paste paste before palm palm, partial side filling hole, pull the lock, suture break, correctional shoe shape, men's shoes in the bottom, insoles, shoes, heel nail, steel to change, in order to lay the foundation for a comprehensive leather shoes beauty.
For the defects appearing on the modification of leather shoes, such as the pan white cream, coarse wrinkles, loose upper surface scratches, scratch, color difference, polishing, edge breakage with villi, should be in the shoes clean after sterilization by targeted repair and special chemical materials for leather shoes, leather shoes repaired accordingly.
Cleaning and wiping shoes seem to be common to everyone. However, people's eyes are almost exclusively concerned with the neatness and brightness of the uppers, but they rarely ask deeper questions. The professional beauty care for leather shoes is different. It first emphasizes the antiseptic and mildew proof of leather shoes

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