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Full mildew proof scheme for high heels
From: Dongguan Lian Yao Chemical Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-06-05

Full mildew proof scheme for high heels

High heel shoes mildew, moldy, and then the position of heels, why is this? The factory finished products with high heels structure is inside the root, and then use the glue in the outside with a layer of leather, with additional needs, will be a layer of wax in the finished product with the surface to increase the brightness of the root. So, what's the cause of the mold?
Consider, in addition to the production of humid environment, is attached at the root and glue is often relatively moist. The mold will have a certain life energy, trees in wet places, rich in starch, protein and other organic matter, and the source of these organic materials is adhesive glue and root root. It also provides life energy for the mold, and when there is energy, the mold is moldy as long as the temperature and humidity are appropriate.
Second, it's a big mistake to have high heels waxing directly after making the finished product. If you need to wax, you must pay attention to the skin with the finish after the surface of the oil completely dry and waxing, preferably overnight waxing.
Third, fit the glue if you are using a water-based adhesive, is recommended to add 1% in the iHeir-JS special glue glue glue in fungicide, kill microbes, eliminate any heel moldy factors.
Do the above three steps, just do the transport box protection, to ensure that no leakage, no damage, not collapsed. Such as foreign orders, you need each shoe box placed a Dc.odorban anti mildew patches, to ensure

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